Our Menu

Our special menu also includes an extensive vegetarian and vegan selection of dishes and all collections are subject to a ten percent discount. The menu range is varied and extensive but by no means a reflection of our capabilities, if there is a dish that you have tried or sampled before then we can often recreate it, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

10% Off Collection Only

The Akbar Menu

Whilst many of the dishes that appear on our menu would be considered as regular favorites on most menus Anwar, who is our master chef, is a true expert in creating a fantastic range of authentic dishes that are totally unique to the Akbar Dynasty menu and can’t be found elsewhere. 

Wine List

Whilst all decent restaurants will offer a range of wines and beverages, we pride ourselves on having selected a comprehensive range of quality wines that are clean, fresh, lively, bright and bursting with flavour – but they are also affordable.